Step into 2021 with a Luxury home from Kailash Realty

COVID-19 has forced people to rethink what is more important than safety, wellbeing, protection of health and income. The pandemic has mingled quality of life and a luxury home together. The place we live in and what we demand from it has changed forever. People have started recognizing the value of the home as a haven. This pandemic has also thrown light on the importance of a house. And how important it is to own a roof so that you are in complete control of your house and your environment while creating a safe place for your loved ones. The need to live in your own house is far more than ever as it gives a sense of belonging and security.

Now, post-pandemic there has been an increase in demand for home buyers. Whether it is an existing owner looking for a larger space to accommodate working from home and online school for children or staying together with a large family in closed knit, everyone is looking for a permanent home. Now, with the work from home becoming permanent, more millennials are also looking for larger and spacious homes that incorporate workspaces. People who previously preferred staying in rented properties are now buying houses that make for a fully self-sufficient home including facilities like yoga room, gym, home theatres, and more.

As the demand for luxury houses increases, a 40 % growth in revenue is expected during this fiscal year. Post pandemic is the right time to buy a house for many reasons. First, the interest rates for housing loans are low now, which provides the option of investing in luxurious property with finer facilities and amenities in a premium neighbourhood. Second, the implementation of reforms such as RERA in India has boosted the trust of NRI investors looking to reap rewards from investments in properties. To add to this, the Government of India has also announced many measures to encourage people to take the plunge of investing in property. The economies worldwide have also increased their money supply considering the onset of Pandemic and the impact of lockdown on economies of various countries and their citizens. This has resulted in increased money flow in developing nations like India. Considering all these things, there are many benefits of buying a home now. It is the best gift that you can give to your family and yourself. It also gives you stability and certainty in the wake of this pandemic. Given these advantages, it is hence a good idea to draft a financial plan for buying a property.

With such improving growth prospects, real estate prices in the prime city are expected to stay stable. As demand grows, this will have further upward growth. Thus, the only silver lining from the Pandemic is the pickup of the luxury real estate and now with the arrival of the Covid 19 vaccine, 2021 will surely make buying a home simpler. This New Year is hence the ideal time to shell out and seek comfort within the walls of a new abode. Your search for an ideal home to live a fulfilling life at a place that promises the best of both worlds would end here. For we assure you the best quality and highest standard of living towards the gateway of a good life. Keeping our customers at the center, we have always ensured that buyers derive value from the property being purchased. With our fastest growing residential developments, we are well-positioned to deliver tremendous infrastructure that offers value in the years to come.

If you are planning to buy a house in Ahmedabad, then you can rely on Kailash Realty Pvt Ltd. With years of experience and a proven track record in real estate, Kailash is the name you can trust during these times. Developing signature houses in Ahmedabad, you can experience traditional charm with the technological edge in all their projects. We at Kailash Realty are focused on catering to the needs of our customers and are willing to offer customized solutions. Whether you are looking for a ready to move in home or a new house, at Kailash Realty Pvt Ltd we will help you find your dream home. To know more visit: or contact us today!


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