Vision & Mission


To be a competent and trusted home building enterprise by creating ahead-of-its-timeedificeswith a strong inclination to comfort, convenience and class.



To offer futuristic homes that would last till generations, adorned with customer-comforting amenities and modern lifestyle.


Planned with Precision, Executed with Style.

Kailash Corporation was built on a foundation of need, trust and empathy for the future residents. To fulfil the desires of hundreds of citizens, the founders of Kailash Corporation vowed to give Gujarat’s housing and commercial structures a new face.

By brainstorming for the perfect ideas and combining skilled manpower, Kailash Corporation built architectural structures which provided every facility and amenity a home owner dreamt of.

Strategically planned houses, with ample spaces, electrical security and other necessary conveniences have been constructed in urban localities of Ahmedabad. From the front door to the exit, every detail is well collaborated and planned by professionals.