Vision & Mission

About Us

We at Kailash Corporation are a team of highly principled, hardworking and creative individuals who are constantly working together for a common goal of creating multi-faceted and multi-use structures.

Our team is an amalgamation of experts from architecture, engineering, designing, management and other diverse fields; and collaboratively we strive to construct architecturally-enhanced homes for the residents of Gujarat.
Having been a part of the construction sector for more than a decade, we assure complete understanding of the needs and convenience of our clients. By making sure to adhere to land and property laws, we build eco-friendly and sustainable societies that benefit not only the residents and businesses, but also the society as a whole.

Our aim is to construct admirable residential apartments and commercial complexes all over Gujarat, making it a green and élite state to reside in.

From The Director's Desk

Kamlesh Chauhan, Director

“Kailash signifies Lord Shiva, the height as high as a mountain and symbolises aliveness. We started this company with the vision to provide advanced amenities and services that are worth a lifetime, because homes are for generations. Our strength lies in fulfilling the demands of our customers and creating satisfied customers.”

Ajit Chauhan, Director

“Kailash Corporation is a visionary company founded to give quality homes to people. We believe in building trust by our sincere and honest services. It is our constant endeavour to deliver our best and earn customer satisfaction. Customers go a long way in motivating us and hence, the progress of Kailash Corporation is a tribute to customer loyalty.”


Kailash Corporation is a recognized group that has been committed to excellence in estate and construction, since 2004. Over a decade of success and sustainability, Kailash Corporation is still going strong by adhering to the perseverance set in place by the founders.


To be a competent and trusted home building enterprise by creating ahead-of-its-timeedificeswith a strong inclination to comfort, convenience and class.


To offer futuristic homes that would last till generations, adorned with customer-comforting amenities and modern lifestyle.

Planned with Precision, Executed with Style.

Kailash Corporation was built on a foundation of need, trust and empathy for the future residents. To fulfil the desires of hundreds of citizens, the founders of Kailash Corporation vowed to give Gujarat’s housing and commercial structures a new face.

By brainstorming for the perfect ideas and combining skilled manpower, Kailash Corporation built architectural structures which provided every facility and amenity a home owner dreamt of.

Strategically planned houses, with ample spaces, electrical security and other necessary conveniences have been constructed in urban localities of Ahmedabad. From the front door to the exit, every detail is well collaborated and planned by professionals.

Why societies built by Kailash Corporations stand out?

The societies are spacious and provide the residents with ample of space for a number of activities like jogging, playing, organizing parties and relaxing. Sometimes, it also includes a beautiful water fall flowing down at one end of the complex.

Buildings are made at equivalent distances keeping in mind sufficient ventilation and ample sunlight.

Houses are huge and include top of the line facilities. Be it an electrical socket for the water filter or an entire room for laundry and storage.

For high-end apartments, Intercoms are installed in every flat to assure tight security and quick communication in case of an emergency.

More than building houses, we at Kailash Corporation believe in building homes

Values & Philosophy

We believe in imparting all our customers with a legacy of priceless heritage, measured by our purpose and dedication towards home building, keeping in concern emotions and design elements.

At Kailash Corporation, we value the customer needs and satisfaction with utmost value. Being on an unfailing pursuit of customer satisfaction, we build homes and not houses.


Each aspect of the complex is strategized and executed by highly skilled professionals. Ranging from the individual electrical boxes to the architectural designing, everything is done with expert supervision and execution. At Kailash Corporations we have left no stone unturned in order to create a secure ambiance people. Excellence is our motto and we put a keen focus on safety and strive to build homes with International Standards and Global Practices.

Hard Work

Each block built by Kailash Corporation is cemented with hard work and drudgery. We have constructed numerous award-winning communities have on the solid foundation of our top-quality site development services. We perform highly skilled excavation, grading and utility work for residential constructions


Having been in this field for more than a decade we are aware of the upcoming lifestyle trends. Every apartment in Kailash Corporation has been constructed keeping in mind the trends of the future. We would continue to learn and bring the highly commendable trends and affordability with our constructions.


We aim at strengthening the bond of trust with our current and future residents by being approachable and readily available in times of crisis.


Safety is our foremost priority. A safe life comes along with our homes.